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Updated: Mar 28

As business environment becomes more competitive, and challenging, organizations must consider the importance of Employer Branding, especially when it impacts recruiting, andretaining the best talent.One of the aspects of struggle for talent in today's Employment markets is EmployerBranding, that is building a brand of an employer of choice. It can be shown that the moreinspire, stronger employer brand the organization possess, the more attractive place to work for employees it is!

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding Is the creation of a brand image of the organization for prospective employees / Candidates. It will be inuenced by the reputation as an employer.It involves applying a similar approach to people management and describes howan organization markets what it has to oer to potential and existing employees.

Aim of Employer Branding

Employer Branding aims to become an "employer of choice," a place where people prefer to work. This means developing a value proposition that communicates what the organization can offer its employees a great place to work and target recruitment and selection to obtain the sort of people they need.


1-People who like the job they do and the place they work, become advocates for it.

2-To acquire a national, even a local reputation as a good employer takes time, but it is worth the effort. Creating a great place to work starts with developing the image of the organization. So that it is recognized as one that achieves results, behaves ethically, and provides good conditions of employment, to give employees a powerful reason to work for you.

What to consider in Employer Branding?

1- Interesting and rewarding work

2- Opportunities for learning, development, and career progression

3- Overall compensation

4- Involvement with colleagues

5- Management style

6- Job security

7- Work-life Balance

Benefits of Employer Branding

  • Internal Benefits in the area of HR

  • Increase in employee engagement

  • Increase in talent's retention rate

  • Improve employees' relations

  • Increase level of loyalty among employees

  • Improve organizational supportive culture

  • External Benefits in the area of HR

  • Establish credibility Better Matching job candidates

  • Lower recruitment costs

  • Higher return on investment and profitability

  • Positive identity and reputation

Summary of Employer Branding

To sum up, organizations must aim to be employers of choice where potential employees are attracted to work and existing staff remain loyal and perform for the good of the whole business. Moreover, it is a strategic tool for enhancing company’s competitive position on the market.

Employer Branding Report
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