Professional recruitment profile 

Professional Recruitment is a leading company that provides consultancy services. Professional recruitment’s journey started when Saudi Arabia’s Economy influence took a new turn. Economic and social development took off rapidly. The need to employ Saudi resources and benefit from expertise in human resources has become urgent. It was during this period established consultancy services company under the name Professional recruitment. It comprised of many industries:  conduct highly customized Recruitment, Headhunting, placement, HR consulting, Career consulting and management consulting. headquarter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We look for candidates that not only meet your requirements and skills, but also the company culture, and candidates who will add value to the organization, Providing efficient Management and HR services that support the company productivity. Our clients range from government companies to private and we work with range from SMEs to global organizations. We will find exemplary candidates for your business and we are the best talent finder in do you want from anywhere with saving your time and effort, Providing Management and HR services you’ll be able to start and complete your work and get ahead of your competition and be a market leader in your industry.

Our Team



Abdullah Albusayli

 Head of Delivery

Majed Alharbi

Head of Business 



Head of Placement